What does “Miss Azalea” stand for?

Miss Azalea is a slow-growing woody plant which is cultivated by experienced gardeners in environmentally friendly greenhouses. After two years of breeding Miss Azalea is handed on to the trade for flowers and plants. High quality and limited availability makes Miss Azalea a popular, very noble and precious plant within the premium segment.

Each Miss Azalea has got its own Miss Azalea flower-pot and care label including the Miss Azalea logo, which underlines its status of authenticity.

Each Miss Azalea meets the high breeding objectives of the gardener, which are: strong wood, deep green leaves, uniform flowering, a beautiful flower and an exceptionally long-lasting durability.
As soon as additional varieties are developed, which meet the high standard after years of testing, they are registered at the EU-registrar and then allowed the Miss Azalea logo.

Miss Azalea